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Friday, June 14, 2013
Sex Crimes anyone?
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: Arts

According to Inc. sales data posted earlier Tuesday, one edition of the 64-year-old book jumped more than 7,000% in its overall sale rankings since the beginning of the week. Ranked 13,074 on Monday, the title is now in the top 200.

-  - -

Sales of the George Orwell Classic Nineteen Eighty-Four Soar

Read more:

Posted by mach1231 at 1:26 PM PDT
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Smoke and comet trails lead to-,...
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: Arts

Look what some smart aleck webmaster did..  

Posted by mach1231 at 2:29 PM PST
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
TV pushing trends and mixing fashion industry wares and ratings wars
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Arts


 Countdown: ONE WEEK TO

And refresher: the spring fashion shows are always one season behind (one of the first things you learn in fashion school:)

Heres some more speed for you:

 America's Next Top Model launch premiere happened on

May 20, 2003

and the show quickly became one of the network's highest-rated shows. And then-,...

Project Runway made its inaugral debut

 December 1, 2004.

receiving wide critical acclaim, including an Emmy nomination for outstanding competitive reality series.

Anyway, it would not be too long for Germany's Next Topmodel to come along in 2006.

Heidi Klum original 'Project Runway' judge was breifly attached to it a few weeks ago as they were filming in LA....(wolf whistles!)

But this is where GnTM was in LA again this week . filming about 10 blocks from the

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Los Angeles. (FIDM-LA)

And just btw, some of these fashion people have SUCH interesting backgrounds.

For instance,

 Nick Verreos, fashion designer, and“Project Runway” alums

 FIDM-LA alumni

father was a U.S. State Department diplomat in Panama, who had met his wife (Nicks mother), whose great uncle was the president of Venuezuela.

But go ahead and see here what Nick Verreos, fashion designer, and“Project Runway” alum has to say about "style icon" Michelle Obamas fashion sense

1st Lady of Fashion

Michelle Obama a quiet but confident trendsetter

And just case you actually like to follow fashion and trends ..


The First Lady wore  Kate Spade New York on Inauguration Day

according to AP


Quick marginal note: 2009: Michelle Obama’s one-shoulder, white chiffon gown received mixed reviews from style watchers but propelled young American designer, Jason Wu, to sartorial stardom .

Washting Times: Source.

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day Style Is Based on a Men's Tie


How Michelle Obama's Fashion Matters Now

 But if this no longer excites you, or , as long as youre here, do check out these guys and the grey overcoat fashion sense for the new

J U L I AN A S S A N G E movie being filmed. In Berlin. (You have to say that out loud with the most unusual sense of aplomb: "In Berlin!?" (.....!)

And finally as if all this patterning and sew stitching of various news snippets showcasing Presidential Lady fashion trends and Presidents great nephews were not enough, I will leave you with this:

And the thought that one of the coolest places you can watch Project Runway now is in the Arab world. (Now, over to you, Jim!:)

Posted by mach1231 at 1:03 PM PST
Updated: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 1:45 PM PST
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013
In keeping thematic with the ARTS: Poetry in Motion
Mood:  chatty
Topic: Arts

Hello! magazine recently labeled Iceland as “winter's hottest new romantic destination".











Indeed the now famous natural outdoor spa known as the Blue Lagoon is increasingly found near the top of "bucket list" (and places to see before you die I suppose (just a guess)-,..

and was recently feautured as a focal point of Europes TOP 10 Coolest Small Towns.

But speaking of small, it would appear that Iceland is also a good locale for shooting million dollar commercials and test tracking?

Turns out the new Mercedes-Benz affordable luxury class is poised to gain some new found traction in the hearts and minds of Americas drivers to further enhance their love of the road and wide open spaces.

The new smaller car while under wraps  so to speak (while apparently with Kate Uptons car wash ad the brand new #1 reason to watch the Super Bowl this year!) was once upon a time intrepidly spotted vis a vis off beat travel tale: in Iceland.

But I have to say shes looking good. A very sporting looking unit!

Play your awesome deep bass beat electronica DJ track now to prepare.






Otherwise, clearer shots and blurless photos are here. 

Looks like all roads lead to Upton and The Super Bowl.

Posted by mach1231 at 12:14 PM PST
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Who are-,............the Germans?
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Arts


Since finding out that when shooting Cloud Atlas both Halle Berry and Tom Hanks left the film studio's in L.A. to practice their dialects in Germany...

I have learned that in fact its a German film. I mean, it's not the most intuitive thing-, think a British author novel and Warner Bros distributed film would be initially taken to the screen first by a European country.


Apparently, according to this article, the German production studio had to fend of the famous Dreamworks studio with a stick  in order to secure the rights to produce David Mitchells novel.



"" An intense three-hour mental workout rewarded with a big emotional payoff, "Cloud Atlas" suggests that all human experience is connected in the pursuit of freedom, art and love.""


Posted by mach1231 at 5:13 PM PST
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Saturday, May 26, 2012
I remember you
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Arts

I feel like this...a lot today.

I had just barely caught the last bus last night after a few hours at a net cafe; but had bumped into an old chum who was down on his luck so I spotted him a few-,....and ran like a linebacker lost for the end zone to the bus stop.

As it arrived, it was standing room only...filled with the spilled out leftovers of revelers and ejects and holdouts from the clubs, packed like so many sardines into a bus that made its hour long trek through the 3 districts of whats commonly called the LOWER MAINLAND, which are the various boroughs adjoining Vancouver, Canada into a place called SURREY.

I barely had a few words to mumble to this crowd of young, loud and braying louts and chics with not too much concern with acting lady-like (like fo sho.)

As tired as I was; up without so much as 20 winks for probably 20 hours.

But there ended up a few tense moments as if it were not enough it to be stacked end to end cramped with alcohol prone loud mouths, so as a practical eventuality, the police ended up called in to restore a semblance of civility.

Poor bloke next to me decided he could not hack it anymore and quickly exited. For him, the ride may have been the only hope between a cold night on the streets or a nice warm place to lay but the mere threat of spillover and prospect of mania and panic urged him stronger to leave rather than rooted to stay.

In the end, nothing *REALLY HAPPENED* but it was just no fun really, and not much to even count for relief to wash over me even as I stepped off the bus.

But rolling over here into the glaring sunshine of today, I question my surroundings and feel pent up with all kinds of existential angst, irritability and dissatisfaction with the mocking tone of Facebook half the time, and the thinness of smiles and lack of friendliness even in rl..

...with this ever so thin line between sarcasm and irony,(maybe) and yet a disenchantment with all kinds of worldly wisdom, bright sayings and clever wordology showing up in my if it were nothing but a gum dispenser (5 cents)....

so maybe I just dont want to live in a bubble ...with gobs of insulation...llittle smacky , snarky bits of insinuated prepackaged clap trap ringing in my ears... while practically shunning the up close and real portents of the world or marveling at sights and wonders ensconsed entirely within 16 whole inches of screen..

Still waters run deep and my heart is as active as a tornado in a storm but still rooted in one spot all the time...making a hole on the spot.

I see crowds of people of every nationality here, many contributing to the cacophony with their own languages and tongues, transplanted cultures or unmistakeable marks or vestiges of their DNA embedded ethnicity,

and as I do I cant help but think of the "raw deal" handed on a silver platter to the natives of this country, OUR country and suddenly it does not feel like home anymore.

 So maybe as the sun wanes and the clouds inevitably arrive to even the score, in between that time I will figure out whats ailing me , or what it is pinching my nerves and then put wealth consciousness somewhere like back where it belongs ...not thrown out like a bad overly pummeled thing...and either find something to do with all the easily recyclable goodies stacked in my closet or barring that find a new well spring of happiness or invent one or change things to suit my self more.

 But if there is even anti-commercialism air deep in Facebook, it begins to cave in as it cannot run on fumes and air, but nor does it feel like a place to be as an oh so simple tool for blatant self-promotion or vaunted self-centeredness or vain glorous pursuits....

which seems to stir up envy, jealousy, rivalry , contentions and pushes real feelings, as much as part of the real, living, breathing, human experience as suffer below the surface.

 I do not "fear" Facebook will fall like a fad as much as the inevitable disappointment it will bring that its expectations wont be fulfilled as they are too high for the Net to accommodate.

It cannot be counter culture nor can it rise to release itself from corporate bonds.

 OK so thats my ramble of the moment, cue mic off and no I have no smoke in my hand but perhaps a off line creative endeavor of some proportion more than a status update will at least quiet this soul stirring.

 Off rolling now into the last of the day, searching back for my own <3 and my hands balled into fists. ..making sure the suns light bounces off my exposed biceps in just the right way. And now just to end this little alleyway scrawl...Id like to end it by saying...thank you but if you didnt mind, Id kindly like my fuckeeng MTV. lol

Posted by mach1231 at 7:04 PM PDT
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Friday, March 9, 2012
This ..may come.. as a surprise..
Mood:  lyrical
Topic: Arts

How about this one?


C R  I M E !

Grime, crime, dirty acts, low down dirty dealing duplicituousness, superfluous online flirtatations and general mayhem

But more seriously, no musical artist or singer can dare approach or cover again the territory Sade did. An indelible impression made on young developing male minds with lasting staying power; timeless, revered, so much class and unspoken quality.

There will not be an artist in 50 years who could stylishly blend rhythms, vocals and  precussions seemingly almost as effortlessly as an errant  summer breeze as she did.

So when they say , eventually, Sade fans can be quite loyal and a tenacious lot; they will say this with the most utmost seriousness.

When the topic is business we mean music. 

Posted by mach1231 at 7:55 PM PST
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Sunday, December 18, 2011
The truth is but a shell
Mood:  bright
Topic: Arts

The Smiths vs the Garbwoski's

The Smiths created for themselves the type of societal ideals that made the Garbowskis suffer so much they went against them and succeded in doing so.

The problem remained that the Smiths could not make the Garbowskis bend to their collective will. (Freedom being a highly vaunted tenet of a so-called democratic society)

But putting that aside along with everything else that assumes a place in a hierchial order in pecking fashion, can you see what the perception is of a government (not "society") that finds itself in a easily mockable untenable position of publicly promoting family values while demoting them in the structure of the Dept for Native and Northern Affairs for example?

The government cannot just switch sides of  its role in governance in people lives and all of a sudden aspire to be a larger Quebec it self.

The fundamental building block of any society is family. The trouble remains that citizens

should not have to be forced to give up their free time to rein in governments.


 This is the place we have been led directly from a fundamental lack of faith and trust in government upon which we have arrived.




You will notice how large the word family looms in thecloud word picture. Whereas in reality, this fundamental and key aspect  that straddles the entire breadth of the strata of accrouments surrounding this issue is the one most often ignored by both society and government. They are inseperable; but not one and the same thing.

 While government can guide societys aspirations, it should not be the job , unpaid work of citizens to drag the governments feet to live up to unspoken ideals that both commercialized and muted by the ends of the players at each end of the spectrum.

I am willing to bet the cross currented concerns of the individual are more likely to hold sway in the argument than any person whose goals are oritented towards a healthy society. And it is because such individuals run against the natural order of things and see restrictions on any sense of freedom they have as threats; real or not.

 There is a great deal of debt contributed towards psychology thanks to the unwitting participation of indigenous elements.

And you wont find a single anthropologist who would not agree with that.



Posted by mach1231 at 4:51 PM PST
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mood:  amorous
Topic: Arts

Photo Appreciation

Posted by mach1231 at 12:55 PM PDT
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Thursday, March 17, 2011
Mood:  flirty
Topic: Arts

Posted by mach1231 at 3:54 PM PDT
Updated: Friday, March 18, 2011 1:17 AM PDT
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