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Thursday, December 27, 2012
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Politics

"The middleman is where it's really, really difficult to police."

Interestingly: Who's looking out for Tim Hortons' temporary foreign workers?

And just what is it with this place up north called Dawson, and donuts and temporary foreign wokers?


And would not that mean classifying the links below as "middlemen" or mid-level brokers?

 And what type of person with a minimum Bach Deg would stoop so low to parcel out his/her services for an essay help factory?

I would suggest starting out with hiring a good english writer first..


Take a look at these hard polished skills for instance as an example of what most people in Canada aspire to...:)





Posted by mach1231 at 10:40 AM PST
Updated: Thursday, December 27, 2012 12:44 PM PST
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Monday, November 26, 2012
Now presenting: the Arts Report
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Liberal Leadership 2013
Topic: Politics

RE: Justin Trudeau not fit to be Liberal party leader by Kathryn Marshall, The Duel

It may be important to realize in politics, that context is everything.  A brief snippet sound byte ; whether it be a single sentence or a paraphrased recap of events, is often times the only ammunition a person with a pre-affixed position needs to advance a personally held agenda.

There may be no better known present day example in the Canada we know today than in the embodiment of todays Prime Minister.

Take for example, Stephen Harper him self, vapidly and openly criticizing with shrill speech-,.. practically to the very marrow,

the very structural bones of every single political party that has ever served the people of Canada since its very inception.

People themselves who have had no better motivation or higher aspiration other than to serve the people which makes for the tapestry that runs through the entire breadth of this exceedingly large country we call our home. And yet in the context of their times also only to advance a singular agenda emboldened and charged with a single purpose: to advance democracy.

How would you feel knowing that a person charged with making executive positions on a day to day basis that affects the day to day livelihoods of your friends and nieghbors previously vehemently blasted in a single blustering sentence all three leaders of todays political parties i.e the NDP , the Liberal Party and the original Progressive Conservative Party?

Better? Comfortable? Satisfied?

But now a person could always argue and debate if they like, about how this may potentially bring out the best ideals and principles of all 3 parties in a single visionary pièce de résistance and a better country for us all: a veritable end to the bickering, hedging and backroom deals by a keeping integral and intact the very best of what each political party has to offer.

This is what is problematic of todays political atmosphere: backbiting, finger-pointing and buckpassing, while citizens gape on in jaw dropped amazement. Just drop mention; for instance, the portion of your wages or the amount that goes to the cashier when purchasing at any mall outlet in the same sentence as "citizen" to really put the spin on endlessly revolving arguments about what a democracy is. Or in todays cllimate: what it should be.

That is because there is more at stake than money. A democracy should not be the moral equivalent of a shareholders convention behind closed doors. But so far that is not even what seems to be topical for conversation nor the reason for todays column and invitation to debate.  What is though, is what somebody said two years ago when the climate is far different from what it is today.

There is no doubt that what Mr.Trudeau had said was given in a certain context (and parallel opposite: 'taken' from it can take on a myriad of meanings thanks to any amount of spin), there is also no doubt that what he spoke was both raw and bold.

And yet todays Prime Minister from his earliest days of speech making did not neccessarily pull his punches in belittling and verbally disposing of the 3 main parties which are the lifeblood of our core identities and mantel placed democratic champions.

What deserves to be examined is that which what people in Parliament do with tax payer dollars: argue over the truth.

 If there is any truth left to what he spoke 2 years ago, can that at least be addressed or spoken about without riling peoples carved out regionally earned niche identitties? What about the national identity?

Would I be accused of being petty? Well, in fairness; I am not the one who raised the debate and issue.

Have people who live in a province which contributes so much towards our GDP unfairly imbalanced debate to tilt towards their own favor?

Thank you for your engagement today.

Yours truly,

Max Stelmacker

Posted by mach1231 at 1:41 PM PST
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Whats youre politics anyway?
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Politics

Interesting life. Found this checking out the CPAC Youtube channel and thought it was interesting.

Devinder Shorys dad was a "freedom fighter". Devinder Shory is a MP Member of the Canadian Parliament for Calgary Northeast. Incumbent, Assumed office 2008. Born : August 3, 1958 (age 54) in Barnala, India. Political party : Conservative.

He says 37% of his Constituents are "new Canadians" who have a first language other than English/French.

He him self moved / immigrated from India at age 30 and was an elected MP by age 50. Upon arriving, was qualified back home to practice law but not in Canada.

Drove cab , loaded trucks for ten years as well as jumping through the qualifications hoops before being allowed to practice law 

(After the Quebec bar refused to accept Devinder's credentials, he moved to Ontario, then B.C., and finally to Alberta, where the Alberta Bar gave him the opportunity to practice on condition that he successfully complete studies at the University of Calgary.)

He then spent another ten years earning a reputation and was finally elected in 2008. He was married in Canada by arrangement.

Devinder Shory is (born August 3, 1958 in Barnala, Punjab, India) is a Canadian politician, who represents the electoral district of Calgary Northeast as a federal Member of Parliament.

First elected in the 2008 Canadian federal election, he is a member of the Conservative Party.
    1 Mortgage fraud accusation
    2 Assault accusation
    3 Electoral record
    4 References
    5 External links
The Recognition of Foreign Qualifications
Devinder Shory, M.P.

This article looks at an important issue facing new Canadians – the recognition of their foreign credentials.

- - -


At least he believes in helping out the poor.  Never really thought of that as a Conservative value but have viewed Conservatives as self-sustaining self-promoting self-preserving self-sufficient self-appraising top button up hair cut above the ears technocrats.


Posted by mach1231 at 9:29 PM PDT
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Monday, August 27, 2012
Drifting like second hand smoke
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Politics

I couldnt believe reading this, it spiked my blood pressure and if I had a mood ring on it would have sent it into the black.

Federal appeals court strikes down Obama air pollution rule

It would be like you could see the past President of America grinning away from his fiefdom of Texas, grinning like a Cheshire cat...

..the lines to draw are so obvious, ditto the current Republican health care "plan" ie. no unity , only good for Massachussets

  - --

But speaking of health, heres an article I liked

Contact the reporter for this story: Allison Connolly in Frankfurt at

 I bet the people who show up in doctors offices and er have never heard the word moderation before.  OK, so thats saying too much already I know.

- -  -


Todays blog entry is brought to you by Nugenix.


Posted by mach1231 at 11:03 AM PDT
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Lets do lunch-,, lets do dinner. Check my schedule would you?
Mood:  bright
Topic: Politics

-~Oh boy Angela Merkel is in town!~-

Harper to host Merkel over informal dinner at PM's retreat tonight

 A true meeting of the minds..

Angela Merkel: 'a blank sheet on to which they can project their personal idea of their leader'. Photograph: Markus Schreiber/AP

See also:


Trouble in the security detail, Sir.

Posted by mach1231 at 12:36 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 1:05 PM PDT
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Sunday, June 24, 2012
In a nut shell
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Politics

Soon, Cyprus will take over the lead of the EU, and being an arch enemy and rival of Turkey as they are, what does this suggest for the latters chances of accession to the European Union at that?

Or is that just a bunch of balled up cynicysm on my part; or an honest appraisal of the tatters of window dressing that  subs for our conjured up imagery of late when picturing the worlds economic picture?

For the 6 months (my source reports) that it will sit as head of the EU, Turkey will be like as much as the disenchanted dinner guest sitting at the far flung edge of a dinner table twice the length of a soccer pitch.

Once this time measure is up, and presuming nothing untoward has happened such as Turkey aligning with Egypts new "new" and newer still leadership to protect Iranian interests to aid Russia in protecting Syria (all propositions silly I know), Turkey may get back onto the track it was on previously before the last President of France blocked the path to Turkeys ascension.

 But as mentioned by my source, only if tensions over oil rights near Cyprus stay out of evolving into a fray or disputes of flyovers of a certain other country (starts with I and ends in L) dont bring things to a hilt.

 Maybe if they stayed away from a path to the EU for six months, they could re-double their efforts at killing Kurds ensuring the reasons for joining the EU are as sound as ever since starting out on that path.

 Maybe they might even take notice of increased friendliness between Iran and Iraq (just two side by side countries that were once engaged in the worlds most contemporary intercine sectaraian led violence ever with paved the way to two Gulf Wars thats all-,..oops).... 

......might help alleviate their growing pangs and free up the energy they need to reserve for joining the EU.  Leaving Kurdistan for the Kurds. 

But no. You can see it now. The know all tell all unquivering and resolute rebuttual to all of this thereby all but assuring more madness to ensue, perpetuating the lurid headlines, the inanity of leaders and the limpness of such peaceseeking arms of the UN: "there'll be no Kurdistan". As sure as the raising of an Arabs scimitar thrusting towards the clouds in symbolic gesture of mans ultimate folly.



EU boss lashes out at Stephen Harper and other leaders: Don’t tell us how to run our economy


Don’t blame Canada for Europe’s problems


- -

And an argument for freer trade.

Posted by mach1231 at 6:11 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, June 24, 2012 9:16 PM PDT
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Debate? There was a debate?
Mood:  bright
Topic: Politics

Someone should have remembered to bring the debates to the eloquent speaking contest on last night. I agree.

They have reason to be fearful. Ms.May could knock down their self-serving arguments like they were toothpicks.

 Elizabeth May on leaders' debate:

'Sad spectacle'

 If you think for a second that it is trivial that a woman with a million votes be shunned at a leaders debate like a long lost cousin at a house party, I urge you to continue on to read this story.

Attention attention attention..

 Attention attention attention..Attention attention attention..

Anytime anyplace anywheres....:)))))

Posted by mach1231 at 2:09 PM PDT
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Monday, April 11, 2011
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Politics


 Gotchya Steven! He thinks its from a maple tree planted in a Conservative/Reform riding and therefore tastes better!

 - --------------------------------------------------------

And now he's trying to use sex appeal !

But in all seriousness, fear tactics reveal a new and all time abysmal low in this election campaign.

From the beginning in telling us we are in an fragile economy and Canada is in a precarious position within it, we should be motivated by fear and anxiety? Having fear and anxiety DOES NOT contribute to good decision making. 

As if to say, from the words of this genius mastermind, that the Bloc,NDP and Liberals know nothing about how to manage money.

"His main goal, his obsession, is to destroy the Liberal Party." -Gerry Nicholls, who worked under Harper at a conservative think tank
"The banks would have been just thrilled to do what Wall Street was doing, but the previous Liberal government wouldn't allow them to do it and Harper takes credit for that," - Robert Bothwell,  professor at the University of Toronto.


And here he is again: politics of fear. 

Harper warns of return to Trudeau era

But remember how ever since Watergate , ever since then every poltical scandal that finds its way from reporter notebook to screaming headline has the word GATE attached to it?

Well here is an un-funny twist of words for you.

Canada now has a sort of HIV-gate going on.

Tories misinformed Parliament on $50M G8 fund

Stephen Harper is flanked by world leaders at the G8 summit in Huntsville on June, 25, 2010. From left, are U.S. President Barack Obama and France's Nicolas Sarkozy. "Ha ha ha haggh......................."the big spender"....hahahahhahaha"

 Whereas in Canada, good luck in watching your pocket picked at the pump.

Gas prices are going up. Looking out for the needs of every day hardworking Canadians Steven?

Higher gas prices to bite Canadian drivers

In addition to hearing this, would the average hardworking tax paying citizen have to work their lives out, blood sweat and tears to provide for themselves and have to come home to realize that thanks to all the sacrifice our veterans have made, and for our continually fighting soldiers overseas that..

Veterans benefits bill may die with Harper government

  Mr. Harper by giving large corporations a tax break, did you mean to suggest as a country we are to be defined as cheap?

As cheap as the sacrifices-, and limb-,..our veterans have made?

He ought to be ashamed of him self.

Canada watches its democracy erode

  -- -  - - - - - - - - -



Posted by mach1231 at 8:31 AM PDT
Updated: Monday, April 11, 2011 9:33 AM PDT
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Saturday, February 26, 2011
"IF" love this country.
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Politics


...if you love your country, if you love Canada, if you have came to know Canada and think we are a country of backward farmers, yodelers to Ontario and sniggering owe it to your self  to watch just  nine seconds of hearing this man speak.

Heres what youre up against Harper

this man


this man


and this man

- - 

But you know, here we go, I am not trying to sell you "anything", I am just a guy doing a job...and my job is 24/7;...I won't talk hockey while on ice just like I won't talk politics on television...who knows why we have so many secrets...its a good question and youre a good newscaster..I wish you well...these h'ordeurves are great.

MrHarper do you SNORE during tv interviews?

Posted by mach1231 at 10:06 PM PST
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It's Iggy time!
Mood:  rushed
Topic: Politics

Today in our  Vancouver Sun-,.....

an opinion piece article highlighted the

separation from grandparents in the newly migrated population;

and how little the feds plan to do about it, to in fact :

make worse off than ever.

And in line with, this just in? Feds in hot water over more funding cuts to help new immigrants adjust, numbers out of whack with rationale?

√≠‰ ?

So long Stephen. We want all our boys and girls to not just be good at math, we want them to astound the world, in a world that will eventually need help. No wonder Harperites don't like  Statistics Canada.

 ...would make John Molson (School of Business)...proud

In my opinion, the more we turn away from relying on the wise sage population, and respect for our wiser more learned populace, and the more we advance and move away from reliable experience and relying on wisdom. the more we move towards the crap shooting style of a maverick Reform-rooted politician like Stephen is as Paul Martin recently said, against the curated advice of a legion of established experts in their fields on the upcoming budget....all of our grandchildren will be paying for the decisions we make today.

- - -  -

Here in B.C. it has already been well noted that we lag the rest of the country for wage increases, and its been noted we are the province most vulnerable to the recession.

But, what's the advice given to boost productivity while we patiently await the gains from proposed income tax cuts to corporations? Those "job creators?

Here it is in the link right below in black and white, the answer to the equation is right there, it is called: "lower unit labour costs ".

(Safety in numbers, eltists can pretend to like Tim Hortons bad cofee all they like. They would never drink the home brew.)


So if the government is so proud of its numbers on immigration last year as recently published stats show, (highest level in 50 years) and yet are clamping down on
family visas and permanent resident cards for parents and grandparents,


fudging the numbers while being crticized for its budget cuts to immigrant help programs

AND all the while

reducing corporate taxes to "create jobs"......who is going to stand to benefit the most when the key factor to this huge boost and boon to our economy depends on: "lower unit labor costs"?

Probably not you or I.

The CBC is reporting that the Yukon government are already now able to fast-track the entry of foreign temporary workers.


 note: Google aggregates the press releases for many of these Canadian government press releases so that 'we Canadians' have an inverse relationship to them.

In other words, even if a wide dispersal net is cast, they may not show up in Canadian press release sites at all (PR's being actual "news" releases), whereas a site like PR USA will have to top drawered in the aggregate. 

And guess what else is making e-news?

Google Facebook seems a little bit at odds with Facebook Google.


Posted by mach1231 at 10:10 AM PST
Updated: Saturday, February 26, 2011 10:59 AM PST
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