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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Excellent  piece of writing by noted war commentator and world affairs columnist Gwynne Dwyer.

But what would he call this film? Pro-union propoganda?

Don't forget or neglect:   Nelson Mandela was imprisoned as a communist and a terrorist Not because the color of his skin.

So are there not deeper issues at stake that are considered more of a wedge in politics than this mythological social construct called: "race"?

Such as Canadian union support of calling of Israels partition of Palestine as : "apartheid"?

Especially in light of  last year’s mining tragedy at Marikana'_strike#16_August_shooting

new turns in development even as we write and speak bring to mind the same comparisons in place since from when blacks first made their first steps in their long march from slavery to freedom in the US.

the road was long and arduous.

But look. Change can happen over night , too.

Are these the far left voices of the nation of Israel added to the din? Or is it a "classic" era-,.. race war? 

 -- -- - - -               - - - - - - -

Twenty-five years ago, strict laws against relationships between whites and so-called non-whites would have made their love illegal.

During the apartheid era, homes of couples discovered to be breaking the laws were raided, and their bed sheets often checked and removed in case they needed to be used in court to prove illicit relations

Posted by mach1231 at 3:29 PM PDT
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Friday, June 14, 2013
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: News on News

Holy Cow! The wife of the former head of Canadas spy agency oversight commitee is in some pretty deep water over her head in something or other.

With the countrys national police forces and commitees investigating Senate expenses,

I dont think she will possess the

requisite alacrity as Pamela Wallin did to claim the paperwork

was too complicated for her to understand

Nor I do not suppose too many folks out there have too much time to think about the "important work" of Mario Dion.

The former head of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal systematically humiliated staff in the "worst case" of workplace harassment the federal whistleblower watchdog says he's ever seen

And now he finds well over half a million dollars wrongly awarded to a company / couple wanting to build a bridge to America

Posted by mach1231 at 1:36 PM PDT
Updated: Friday, June 14, 2013 1:57 PM PDT
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Sex Crimes anyone?
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: Arts

According to Inc. sales data posted earlier Tuesday, one edition of the 64-year-old book jumped more than 7,000% in its overall sale rankings since the beginning of the week. Ranked 13,074 on Monday, the title is now in the top 200.

-  - -

Sales of the George Orwell Classic Nineteen Eighty-Four Soar

Read more:

Posted by mach1231 at 1:26 PM PDT
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Must be a pretty busy webmaster
Mood:  a-ok
From:  "Max Stelmacker"
Subject:  404 error, links outdated
Date:  Thu 06/06/13 12:12 PM
Please see:  The links to   
"Developing Aboriginal Human Capital" (BOLD FONT)  
i.e.  Human Resources and Skills Development Canada's Aboriginal Labour  Market 
Programs .  
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada's Aboriginal Labour Market Programs  
needs to be changed and updated   
The correct URL should actually be located 
HTH  Max Stelmacker Surrey BC 
 addendum: Sent June 6th.
You might this this means the gov doesnt care too much about
either the appearance of their website OR  Developing Aboriginal Human Capital
My screen capture for the page shows no update at the
time of this posting:  June 14th, 2013. Either that they dont know dont care they have
a pretty p*sspoor webmaster. 

Posted by mach1231 at 1:08 PM PDT
Updated: Friday, June 14, 2013 1:22 PM PDT
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Monday, June 10, 2013
A Little B'r'it Crazy
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Entertainment

British television certainly has come quite a way from -,..

Coronation Street.

The intelligence and forethought put in some of the scripted dialogues I  have seen lately makes one want to leap from ones seat and cut a path straight over the Silk Road to Britain itself and settle in with the comforts and stresses of London life.

Below have all been excellent viewing and calling cards for the City of London the exciting life the UK portends to visitors in general. 

Judge Deed (complete season 5)

MI-5 (complete season 9)

An Education (film based on a book of memoirs)

Desert Flower (true story that put female genital mutilation on the international human rights agenda)

Backbeat (story of the Beatles rise to fame)

'The Special Relationship' (HBO film about Tony Blair and Bill Clinton)

and 'The Queen' , (

 Goal! (like a 'thinking mans Rocky')

All of the afore-highlighted links I have enjoyed on DVD with their Special Features and behind the scenes footage in just the past few weeks.

I can now just imagine a talking head aka well informed hugely protective with adequately swelled with pride over British culture fan saying. "Were a lot ,more than just X Factor over here you know" :)

Gotta' love 'em.

Posted by mach1231 at 12:30 PM PDT
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013
She shore is purdy
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: Entertainment

I was not even looking for any hype from Robert Young Pelton when I ran across this husk :

The Wild West in East Africa

I was seeking out more backdrop (remember, we live in an age of information retrieval) on this turd piece by that nin·com·poop Gwynne Dyer.

So fitting that they becaught in such cross-currents, maybe they should get together for tea sometime and trade comments over polite: 'pass the lemon' and 'hand me the honey' requests.

But finally theres this

- -

And finally, if you really want a palate cleanser of some sort after having lilfted some Hors d'œuvre from this rotunda of goodies, I dare you to exit the off ramp with this one




Posted by mach1231 at 7:20 PM PDT
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So -, like reading other peoples mail do you?
Mood:  bright
Topic: Crime and Punishment

I highly doubt the average person stops to consider (for very long)-,.. the unassailable fact about that which they are reading is something they are


-, in conveyance of that , must each and every last email ever sent both now and in the future come with a disclaimer containing instructions for what to do if you are not the intended recipient?

So if you do read others letters online, consider that you are reading material not intended for public broadcast and was not written with any type of forethought in consideration of publication.

These are re-transmitted with my personal, private and professionally known name, surname and given.

Not even in a jocular sense would anyone make marked comparison to a scale of Wikileaks on how this corrupts the social order and infringes and impinges upon a persons mental health, general health and pursuance of order to ones personal/private and public life.

And that it is because that is not the point.  I own/use a blog. I have a freedom as accorded to any privately owned press or enterprise to proffer opinion and request comments.

One can offer an opinion that I have a so-called inherent "right" to publish letters as I see fit if I have them in my possession ie email in box.

But since my argument has already been made it should be made obvious that I am not about to backtrack from it. I have not done so nor do I intend to. This decision is based on the principle I support and espouse and stand by it.

It is wrong to endanger someones reputation, to thereby cause aggrevious feelings by publishing their mail and name.



Dear Editors and Researchers,

Certainly there are many facets to the problems surrounding teen bullying.

The blur and small tidal wave of both recent media coverage and more dated examples hopskotch from cyber-bullying and internet harassment-,.. to criminality and school yard taunts, all the way up to outright murders.

Just like so many raging hormones of the average teen, media is yet adjusting to the digital age, -,..while still chained to its own keyboard in offering a panacea to the problem.

Is this much different from the response of so called big government, despite calls the Official Opposition to enact a more nationalized strategy?

In a sea of pink t-shirts worn once a year, casualties line the shore.

Would it be an overly perverse notion to consider for a second that only if your father is a local Ottawa politician that a call to end bullying can enable a call to action beyond words?

Consider that the father of the openly gay Ottawa teen who killed himself in 2011 after constant bullying by classmates echoed the sentiment brought by the NDP that a new national anti-bullying strategy would have "absolutely" helped his son.

Allan Hubley, the Ottawa city councillor whose son Jamie was 15 when he died of suicide, remarked recently that newly earmarked for funding Red Cross run campaign would have possibly changed how his son’s friends reacted to the bullying.

Contrasted with the fact that the first example of public outcry took place as

far back as the year 2000, when Hamed Nastoh jumped off the Patullo Bridge in Surrey as a result of homophobic bullying.Here talked about on television with the Fanny Kiefer Show, in print journalism
and indepth local reporting that provides enlargement.

I would therefore encourage and urge all mainstream media to consider the contrast between the digital age, and how quickly a decade can pass; with news print media the now less popular form of information purveyance -,..and how the stigmatization of mental ilness amidst all the digitized have's and have-not's only seemingly exacerbates the problem.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and my offering of this angle.

As the son and nephew of residential school attendee's i.e. survivors and person whose has also endured a litany of on-line abuse, forms of stalking and harrasement, libelous comments; defamation and slander that has affected my social life, job search, even in finding a home-,...all of these developments must represent a pyrhic victory for those who have already lost so much.

Added to this is the cultural indoctrination that men and boys are stigmatized with this problem to either put up or shut up. By our very nature historically we males are left to shoulder our own burdens.

You are either in league with an NHL hockey coach with the stong arm of a lawyer and deep pockets thereof ; to mount an robust assault of this problem. i.e. Brian Burkes lawsuit against anonymous posters, or one endures as I have; sidelined to the virtual end amidst the so-called hustle and bustle of the WWW intensive and now mobile driven information age.

And yet I still  cant help but wonder about the loss of virtual media driven memory in regards to the very short and tragically ended life of Hamed Nastoh as much less a consolation to his bereaved mother than she could so therefore bear to speak out against.

I share with these people a sense of relief that the adults are finally putting away their toys to indeed: act like adults.

But by now, the shores are far too crowded with detritus of so many lives lived cut all too short.  And like generations previous too all of us, are in built rationalizations are at the ready. Push button ready.

By the way.


Posted by mach1231 at 1:29 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 2:11 PM PDT
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Thursday, May 30, 2013
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: So there I told you my mood (you asked)
Topic: Crime and Punishment

MACH1231 Updates-,.. or otherwise known as

HEADLINES you may have missed

such as-,...get this one.

Feds ordered to stop stalking


Unionized federal public servants will have to undergo annual performance reviews


- -


9 years and 200 court appearances later, a B.C. native aboriginal woman has her fish returned

- -


So what? you say! Well hell I'll say so what. And you say : "what have you done for me lately".

"Like"-,... go ahead and finish that sentence for me while you are still so very good at it.

While reading just dont start double-tasking with your little trials, persecutions, threats and pesky arguments to me ..about how rough it is out there.

Because as for Online Suicides and Bullying -,..lets se-e-e-eee here... SOME one needs to stand up to the plate and at the right time

OH WAIT-,..we do have somebody! I am not being sarcastic.

Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose broke down in tears Tuesday at a press conference to announce a new anti-bullying program.

Do you see whats happening? WE have adults acting like adults! WOW! What a concept. People actually sharing a sense of responsibility for the actual real world we have invented.
Hope you dont mind if I hold back on the virtual applause because in the real world, I genuinely appreciate how long this has been a work in progress for victimized people to feel a sense of  (ahem) some sense of vindication.
More? In good old fashioned plain old local newspaper print:

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making all the right moves in addressing the issue of cyberbullying in Canada but local people want him to go further.


Last week the prime minister and Vic Toews, minister of Public Safety, met with families whose children were victims of cyberbullying, including Carol Todd, the mother of Port Coquitlam teen Amanda Todd. The aim of the the meeting was to discuss ways of ending online harassment and exploitation, which has become an epidemic with the rise of social media, with the further goal of addressing gaps in the Canadian Criminal Code related to cyberbullying."



 You are not satisfied with that? Here you go!

Brian Burke can serve claim to online commenters, B.C. court rules

- - 


You see what the trouble is? Is that Brian is up against people who want to pull his chain. And I for one dont like to even see other people go through with this type of trouble.

You see? If it were all just some harmless fun why would there be so much trouble and effort to help these people re-gain their lives?

  Brian is up against people who are gaming him, playing him and taking him for a long ride and laughing at him all the while behind his back -,..literally and figuratively hiding behind anonymous ID's and taking full advantage of the fact unless you have a high priced lawyer at your side (i.e. time to squander) -,....they can operate with wiles with impunity and above the law.

But not since he stood up for him self. So go Brian Go. After this is wrapped up, we all cant wait to push the legal limit to see what passes for free and honest opinion.

I wont say I dont know what he feels.

Posted by mach1231 at 12:54 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, May 30, 2013 1:42 PM PDT
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Thursday, February 28, 2013
What a year, what a life its been
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Just4Fun

Since this day in history, the last day of February

offers nothing historically exciting

I am going to go ahead and make up a bunch

of stuff for fun of course

On this day in History-,..people-,..:)..

The Sony Walkman was invented! :)

Forever changing the the way we view and see the world.

An evolutionary improvement!

Kate Bush began her first, and only: tour. Becoming the worlds

first artist to use a wireless microphone

on stage allowing her to sing and dance at the same time.

Forever changing the way we view and see the world!

A concert stage performance improvement!


Rod Stewart married Alana Hamilton. That lucky guy!

PS Some guys really do have all the luck!

The Eurovision Song Contest chooses "Hallelujah" sung by Gali Atari as its winning song

A few months after winning the song is translated into more than 82 languages, breaking the previous Guiness record as

most translated song in the world.

So of course none of these otherwise very true life events ever actually transpired on this

d8 in history circa February 28th. But they all do have one other thing in common; regardless :

They all happened in the year 1979!

Just like the death of disco, which may not have an actual date of occurence.

But there was a "Disco Demolition Night", an anti-disco promotional event for a Chicago rock station involving exploding disco records with a bomb.

It caused a near-riot between games during a baseball major league doubleheader, forcing the cancellation of the second game.

But sorry it was not actually that the Walkman was "invented"

in the year 1979. That just happens to be the year it went on sale. In Japan.:)

So well thanks for playing along its been fun. So more on this trivial sideshow of actual trivia: do you know which song was the very first song to be converted and

played in MP3 format.?

Posted by mach1231 at 2:34 PM PST
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 24th 10:31 AM : Haunted by the thought an email message I recently sent could have served a better purpose if it had been, or was, sent 12-24 hours earlier.

My mind turns over a few times at this moment, wondering if a church or worship experience can be a beneficial thing for me. A curious thing. 

As I found my way to the net cafe today a few things occured to me.

Like the fact that Aretha Franklins song 'Respect' does have a lyrical mantra and refrain to go along with it that entreats us sweetly: Just a little bit (just a little bit). Interestingly enough.

Another one was the nature versus nurture circular argument revolving and brimming just under the lid of my consciousness. 

I am musing aloud here about the difference between fate and circumstance.

And so. I am going (without) right now for having an internet at home, and so I find that looking (within) , that at times its hard to find that 'feel at home' topography of the mind I had been so accustomed to in the past.

It makes it harder to proceed creatively or productively, and I now am wondering if my reserve might be better left to accumulated, rather than squandering my energy this way online.

But for now, will console my self with the thought that the Internet alone seems to be one long protracted scientific and academic proposal that is being carried along and producing social mores.

But as the timer and countdown clock run out for me here, writing away with the world ensconsed and enveloped around me, rather than with adequate time to reflect, I feel I owe it to the people I admire and whom I respect and seek to emulate to think and write along those lines, and I am reminded by a very little known and less circulated quote from Albert Einsten that works upon those lines..I will find it for this blog. Later. First I must try to recall and remember where it is I actually read it.

But thanks for reading and checking out my journaling and geographical virtual journey online. I feel I am at a bit of stopover here. And longing to get back on with the good and purposeful.





Posted by mach1231 at 10:30 AM PST
Updated: Sunday, February 24, 2013 10:54 AM PST
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