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Thursday, November 27, 2014
A legend online


Hello. Do you like the way that sounds, the way that reads? Does it sound like a robotic automon or Clint Eastwood walking into a room of Nazis (while dressed like one him self) in Where Eagles Dare?

Whats the difference, you ask? Friendliness. Pure friendliness.

So yes I thought I would give a status up date  , a update to this blog endeavor. Sometimes as I scroll through it, particularly past and dated entries, I wonder to my self if my blogging style might one day be seen as a precuror to Tumblr, which by now is more of a big deal in its own right than Instagram.

Or if in fact I have more of a blogging heavyweight than I have previously thought, should I tout my self even further by saying I may have inadvertently influenced the news paper reporting styles of such giants as National Post newspapers. Tactically writing erudite sounding letters, knowing that by doing so my name might be 'Googled', back in the day when Googling every person was a natural as a reflex action as picking up the dictionary for a word encountered yet not understood.

(But youre talking about a guy here who once wanted the word ALAS banned from use on the Internet.)

So, not too sure how the blog-o-sphere is faring these days seems like the word BLOG or BLOGGED about  has been displaced with more savoire faire terms like Has His Own YouTube channel and Tweeted this or that.

So I just wanted to blog that I look back at those days of the Black Flag Cafe at the time I was allowed to remain anonymous (as a prefered rioght tpo privacy selcted) with some reserve of fondness and yet with the times torwards the actual battles over rights to privacy with some chagrin and not so much fondness.

In a way, even as times change, things will never be over i.e. ended , there and the reason how and why I know my feelings towards earlier days were fonder when I was an unknown as an unknown (the unknown I wanted to be!) because everytime I think about re-loading my registration there I could almost lose my cookies; it is mild revulsion. Not revolt.

I am not trying to engage you with mirrored lenses of self-delusion in writing about the impression I have had on the Internet itself.

One of the things I have learned through the process of this online journeying  is : never believe too much in your own myth.


Posted by mach1231 at 10:58 PM PST
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