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Friday, April 18, 2014

One more comment about the Black Flag Cafe. A cursory search engine check reveals a few scant hit returns for mention in published materials and essays. One person has even received backlash for its members for covertly using membership to write a doctoral thesis.

I wonder why Amanda Todd would not warrant the type of commentary that such usual spoil sports for discussing true live vermin could focus their entertainment value type derision on.

 Of course I know the true answer and that is the Black Flag Cafe knows no shame, just as nothing is sacred.

By this stretch, no persons idenity is safe. I leave them with one final thought beyond character assasination , is this type of ruling made in courts, that; heretofro, it has been deemed NOT:


acceptable to “… lower the bar for intrusion into the personal life of inviduals in proportion to the hype around the facts”, otherwise the essentiality and relevance of the information disclosed would be disconnected from the objective public relevance of the story, and instead “… linked to the volatile curiosity of readers and, more importantly, bent to economic interests, or interests of another nature, pursued by the media…”. This would raise the danger of “triggering a self-referential (and self-absolutory) media circuit” in particular the risk of “legitimising tabloid press campaigns merely aimed at cashing out …. thus allowing the processing of sensitive or even super-sensitive data of having the sole purpose of feeding and keeping alive the public interest, not in proportion to the objective social significance of the facts and the corresponding right to their knowledge, but in light of unworthy interests…”.

The judge remarked that nothing in the Italian legal system allowed for linking the right to the protection of personal data to such a variable factor as media attention, potentially independent of the values protected.

She finally commented that the publicity of court documents does not allow per se the indiscriminate publication of the information they contain; journalists are still required at all times to filter those contents in compliance with the standards for the protection of fundamental rights set in the Privacy Code and their own code of ethics.

 See also Misappropriation of personality. But their problems are not my concern, my problems are my concern; so in time, I beleive they will learn the lessons of mis-portraying strangers in a different way and method. Than my own. The costs to me are considerable.



Posted by mach1231 at 3:53 PM PDT
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